Butterfly research REPORTs

Findings from our 10-year study on reintegration of trafficking survivors in Cambodia. More.

2016: Male Survivors (Eng | Kh)
2015: Filial Piety (Thematic | Working | Kh)
2015: Stigma (Thematic | Working | Kh)
2014: Resilience (Thematic | Working | Kh)
2014: Reflection on Methodology (Eng)
2013: Progress Report (Eng)
2012: Progress Report (Eng)
2011: Progress Report (Eng)
2010: Progress Report (Eng)



Resources to assist members, partners and communities build capacity and access quality services.

Chab Dai Charter (Principles | Toolkit)
Cambodia Referral Directory 2012 (Eng | Kh)
Well Being Guidelines 2017 (Eng | Kh)

Financial documents for Chab Dai International available for download at Financials for Cambodia, UK and Canada offices available upon request.