Join Chab Dai in taking action against trafficking and exploitation



Read credible resources, watch a documentary, or attend an event to learn about how human trafficking affects those in your community and others around the world.

Speak Out.

Tell others what you've learned about trafficking, mobilize support for counter-trafficking efforts, and report suspected trafficking activity to the proper authorities. 

Suggestions: Start a book club with friends, lobby for improved legislation with local lawmakers, memorize your local hotline number


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Contribute your skills and strengths to local, national or international groups working against human trafficking.

Want to make a sustainable impact? Download our recent study, "Give & Take" on the impact of short-term volunteers in Cambodia.


Donate to projects making a difference, either at Chab Dai or to other organizations in your community.

Tip: To ensure your donation is used in the best way possible, always do background research on the organization you're giving to, ensuring they demonstrate financial accountability, governance and are committed to implementing quality programs.