Butterfly Reintegration Research

Hearing from survivors of sexual exploitation over a 10 year period about their experiences and process of recovery and reintegration.

“Most of the victims who stayed in the shelter were not successful. They succeeded only 3 to 4 of them. Some of them are working in the organization. Some of them work at different places… They sometimes said that it was easy to live in the organization and they did not do anything. They have someone to take care them. They have food to eat. They have people to bring the food for them and they can sleep well. They can learn and so on. They thought that it was easy for them and when they go home, they think work at home is difficult for them. They speak badly to the members of the family.”
— Experiences in Shelter Care, “Vulnerability in the community due to dramatic difference between shelter and community life," 2018.

Our latest report on the  "top ten" findings has just been released. 

In 2010 Chab Dai launched a ten-year research project to better understand re-integration for men and women who are survivors of trafficking for sexual purposes. Over a period of 10 years, this study aims to better understand the experiences of more than 100 survivors of abuse who have been re-integrated back into society after rehabilitation. The research team follows study participants starting from the time they are in the aftercare program and throughout their transition into a community setting.

The purpose is to “hear” from the survivors themselves, about their lives, understandings and experiences, so their voices can contribute towards a greater understanding of the complexities of re-integration. The research team releases 1-2 reports on findings each year. Our most recent reports elaborate on thematic findings around resilience, stigma, filial piety and gender.

Full reports on findings are available for download in the Publications section of our Media Library. Our latest thematic papers on Reilience, Filial Piety, Stigma and Boys and Men can be downloaded below.