Butterfly Re/integration Research



BECAUSE survivors of trafficking and abuse deserve to have their voices heard, and what they have to say can be used to shape better programs and policies in the future


Butterfly Re/integration Research

In 2010, Chab Dai launched a 10-year research project to better understand re-integration for male and female survivors of sex trafficking. This study aims to better understand the experiences of over 100 survivors of sexual exploitation and abuse who have been re-integrated back into society after rehabilitation and aftercare. The research team follows each survivor, starting from the time they are in an aftercare program and throughout their transition back to a community setting.

The purpose of the Butterfly research project is to “hear” directly from the participating survivors – about their lives, understandings and experiences – so their voices can contribute towards a greater understanding of the complexities of re-integration and NGO programs.

The research team releases 1 to 2 reports of findings each year. Our most recent reports elaborate on thematic findings around shelter experiences, male survivors, and stigma.


Download our latest report on Experiences in Shelter Care:

I did not want my reputation to be bad because there was an organization that sent me home. The word organization – they had to help and what was I that was wrong? They said they brought me to my home, so my neighbors would ask what I was that was wrong and why there was an organization that sent me there… I felt embarrassed... They [neighbors] do not speak ill about me, but when they saw that the organization sent me there, they knew I worked for a bad workplace.
— "Experiences in Shelter Care" pg. 155



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