Butterfly Re/integration Research

Hearing from survivors of sexual exploitation over a 10 year period about their experiences and process of recovery and reintegration.

In 2010 Chab Dai launched a ten-year research project to better understand re-integration for men and women who are survivors of trafficking for sexual purposes. Over a period of 10 years, this study aims to better understand the experiences of more than 100 survivors of abuse who have been re-integrated back into society after rehabilitation. The research team follows study participants starting from the time they are in the aftercare program and throughout their transition into a community setting.

The purpose is to “hear” from the survivors themselves, about their lives, understandings and experiences, so their voices can contribute towards a greater understanding of the complexities of re-integration. The research team releases 1-2 reports on findings each year. Our most recent reports elaborate on thematic findings around resilience, stigma, filial piety and gender.


Download our latest report on Experiences in Shelter Care:

I did not want my reputation to be bad because there was an organization that sent me home. The word organization – they had to help and what was I that was wrong? They said they brought me to my home, so my neighbors would ask what I was that was wrong and why there was an organization that sent me there… I felt embarrassed... They [neighbors] do not speak ill about me, but when they saw that the organization sent me there, they knew I worked for a bad workplace.
— "Experiences in Shelter Care" pg. 155