Committed to working together with diverse stakeholders to abolish all forms of abuse and exploitation.


Safe Communities
Community Heroes
Ethnic Communities



BECAUSE the lack of knowledge and awareness of vulnerable community members leads to exploitation and trafficking.


Safe Communities

Working in provinces across the country and focusing on education and community building, this project raises awareness on the dangers of illegal migration, human trafficking, and exploitation through campaigns such as radio broadcasting, open forums, and their ‘Loudspeaker’ program.


Community Heroes

By empowering local community leaders through education about human trafficking and exploitation, they become active advocates in their communities, educating their neighbors and helping them reach out to local authorities and aid organizations when they face exploitation or trauma.


Ethnic Community

Due to the high rate of trafficking and exploitation amongst ethnic groups, this project educates communities and local authorities through bilingual forums with a focus on not just safe migration, trafficking, and exploitation but on positive parenting and the importance of wholeness in the family unit.