Chab Dai International

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The Journey Begins

In May of 2018, Chab Dai’s Founder, Helen Sworn, returned to the UK after nearly 20 years in Cambodia. She took with her decades worth of knowledge regarding coalition and capacity building, networking, organizational development, anti-trafficking research, and more.

While many may view Cambodia as a country that needs help from others, it is also a country with an untapped potential to speak into the global, anti-trafficking movement today. The creation and continued maintenance of operating a coalition with over 50 member organizations is a rarity in the anti-trafficking field. Taking lessons learned from within Cambodia’s borders, the international branch of Chab Dai was formed to share knowledge, engage with new partners, and broaden the scope and impact of the anti-trafficking movement.

Based in the UK, Helen spends most of her time abroad in countries like Estonia, Uganda, and the United States. Speaking engagements and training allow Helen to take the ground-breaking work done in Cambodia and apply it to a cross-cultural context. Unsafe migration, refugee and stateless populations, and the struggle for human rights and equality, are all topics that Cambodia has faced and begun to address over the past thirty years at a grassroots level. These efforts can give insight and offer direction for others as they move forward in their fight to end human trafficking and exploitation.

We are excited to see how these new partnerships will unite the anti-trafficking movement and create a networked solution to address a networked problem.

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