Global Learning Community

Global Learning Community (GLC) works with partners to raise the standards of care for vulnerable populations and survivors of trafficking and exploitation. We do this through connecting stakeholders, building the capacity of partners, increasing collaboration and sharing of ideas and knowledge. We engage diverse stakeholders, recognising that these issues can only be addressed through the participation of multiple sectors.

Our goal is to learn from one another and to become a more connected and competent  global community. Download our 2018 half-year report here to  view    our latest achievements. 

What We Do

GLC builds upon lessons learned by Chab Dai and our coalition partners in Cambodia. In turn we share information, expertise and resources across international borders regarding emerging issues, gap areas, evidence-based practice, collaboration models and research.

At a macro scale, our team is focused on working with diverse stakeholders to broaden the scope and impact of the anti-trafficking movement. On a grassroots level, we work closely with our core partners located around the world to strengthen capacity and standards through specific advisory services.

Where We Partner


WHERE WE PARTNER: Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya , Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Philippines, Hong Kong 

We Work With

Anti-trafficking NGOs
Legal    and Human Rights Groups
Academics and Academic Institutions
Governments and UN Agencies
Church and Community Outreach Programs
Journalists and the Media