INtroducing, Freecember!

“Freecember” stands for Freedom in December and is a one month long dedicated personal fundraiser for raising funds specifically for anti-trafficking initiatives around the world - not just Chab Dai.

How does it work?*

Freecember begins with an invitation. An invitation to take a challenge and raise awareness of and $/£/€ for a (grassroots) anti-trafficking organization you care about.

Freecember exists to empower everyday people to raise funds for the frontline anti-trafficking organizations they believe in and, in that way, make a specific difference in helping people live in freedom, with dignity & delight.

Stopping slavery takes long term commitment. Like many things, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. During Freecember people take on a personal (or team) challenge, ask questions, start conversations and are a part of a rising tide of people individually and together taking Widespread Informed Sustained Everyday actions to stop specific slavery.

Join in with a community committed to raising freedom!


What are the next steps?

Step 1: Decide if you want to participate and determine an attainable goal to raise. Whether its $100, $200, or $1 million!

Step 2: Set up a fundraising campaign page.

Step 3: Use our media provided below for your campaign.

Step 4: Fundraise!

How to Receive Funds:

  • Donate Directly: Visit our Donate Page after you’ve raised your funds to submit.

  • Online Campaign: You can campaign online using Global Giving for the United States or Virgin Money Giving if you are located in the United Kingdom.

  • Other Ways to Give: Visit our Other Ways to Give page to learn more about donating if you are located in Canada or how to set up Amazon smile so that every time you shop on Amazon, Chab Dai receives a portion of the sales.

Creative Ideas:

Now that you’ve set up your goal and you know how to send us the money, what will you do? Here’s a few creative ideas:

  • During the month of December, every time you buy a coffee or tea, put aside $1 for Chab Dai.

  • Every time you’re buying a Christmas gift, think about donating a few dollars to Chab Dai as a “gift to us.”

  • Visit our website and Facebook Page to read more about trafficking, and then share one trafficking fact per week on your personal social media page.

  • #CarolsforCash – organize Christmas carol singing groups to raise money for Chab Dai.

  • Some other sponsored event or activities such as walking or running.


Feel free to download and use our media for your fundraising campaigns! We will be updating this page regularly during the month with new media to use, so please check back regularly to stay up to date. If you need anything specific feel free to contact us.

Click any of the images below to download:

Why Freecember?*

As you may know, millions of people are trafficked and trapped in slavery… but what can we do about it?

Freecember’s goal is to turn the tide on trafficking by helping people fund frontlines organizations giving hope and making progress in helping real people avoid, exit and be restored following modern slavery.

Millions of individuals are trafficked and trapped.

Together, we can turn the tide.

No ONE can do everything, but EVERYONE can do something.

This Freecember, raise freedom!

Thank you!

We thank you for your support in fundraising for us! If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to our email newsletter below. This way you can follow our project updates throughout the year. We wish you all the luck with your campaign. Thank you!


*How and Why Freecember taken from the website. To learn more about Freecember and its origins, please visit