Facilitate connectivity
The issues of human trafficking, abuse and exploitation are complex and perpetrated by a network of criminals, corrupted systems and institutions. It takes a network to fight against a network. Joining our hands together creates the drive needed to combat the complex issues that cause human trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

Generate and share knowledge
As an NGO and a collective of various organizations, we are committed to generating knowledge through research, reflection, and documentation of our collective experiences. We aim to package these materials into shareable forms for training, workshops, forums, publications and other learning processes. Our knowledge generation and sharing is defined by our commitment to contribute to the body of knowledge and practice in Cambodia and globally to better address issues of human trafficking, all forms of abuse and exploitation.

Advocate for transformed societies and empowered communities
We seek to impact changes in policies, systems and practices in society that are detrimental to the most vulnerable communities and cause them to be trafficked, abused and exploited. We are committed to enabling communities and civil society groups to engage with the state while working with stakeholders and support agencies to perform their mandates.

Support and strengthen
Diverse stakeholders cooperating together are able to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses as well as provide encouragement when individually dealing with challenges inherent to organisations addressing issues of human trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

Promote hope for the future
We exist so that families and communities at risk and those who have been trafficked, abused and exploited can find hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. It is our mission that they may all become what God created them to be, living as His children, protected from all forms of abuse and exploitation and experiencing His unconditional love.