Committed to working together with diverse stakeholders to abolish all forms of abuse and exploitation.

Coalition & Capacity Building

Chab Dai Coalition


Chab Dai Coalition

The Cambodian Coalition equips organizations and their staff members through training and capacity building, bringing them together through bi-annual conferences and client referral networking to build a stronger community of anti-trafficking partners in Cambodia.


In 2016, our Learning Community and Charter Doorsteps projects were combined into a single coalition project that aims to equip organizations and national staff with opportunities for collaboration, mentoring, and training. As always, the aim of our coalition is to see member organizations lead the way forward in raising the standard of care for victims, survivors, and those at risk of being exploited. 

There are currently over 55 member organizations in the coalition, including both national and international, and that range from small grassroots ministries to large organizations. More than 1,617 national staff and 42 volunteers are represented, and they in turn work with more than 10,134 direct beneficiaries each year. These organizations represent the majority of civil society in Cambodia who are working among the most vulnerable and marginalized populations of men, women, and children, seeking to address issues of sexual abuse and trafficking as well as provide social services to those who have already been exploited. 


Strategic collaboration for child protection is generated through capacity-building, training and resources, and innovative ideas are dispersed through forums, events and bi-annual member meetings. Training is available and open to all Chab Dai members and focuses on multiple issues; everything from National Minimum Standards to project cycle management and providing health care to clients. Our resource library, with more than 3,000 books, articles and other resources in English, Khmer and Vietnamese, is available for member organizations to access valuable research and information on trafficking across the region and around the world.

The Chab Dai Charter engages coalition members that have specifically chosen to participate in a process of self assessment. Following their initial assessment, Charter members are assisted in designing and implementing an Improvement Action Plan within their organizations with the goal of improving structures and policies to achieve higher standards in organizational development, staff care and training, policy and practice.

As a coalition we also partner with more than 60 other NGOs, government ministries and UN agencies around the world, with whom we share resources and work on various projects and initiatives.


The coalition team has put together resources for its members and anyone else looking to understand how a coalition is built, how it operates, and how it grows.