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Chab Dai Prelude - Part 1: 1999-2001

The context of Chab Dai’s origins is fascinating and extensive, dating back to 1999, when there were a just “a few faith based organisations and some other UN lead agencies who first saw the emergence of human trafficking”. Human trafficking was indeed an issue that was just coming to light, and few organisations had tangible knowledge on the phenomenon.

“The early responders were those already on the ground who were doing related work but not direct work”, something that illustrates how interconnectedness with other social issues is a core element of trafficking. Helen was one of these early responders, first coming across the phenomenon while working on a baseline research with a team in Poipet, on the Thai/Cambodia border, with children who had been deported from Thailand.

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10 years of Chab Dai: The Butterfly Project

In 2010, a unique piece of research began at Chab Dai – one that would enable survivors of human trafficking to tell their own stories about reintegrating into the community. As we continue to look back on some of the achievements we’ve been most proud of, we catch up with Lim Vanntheary, Project Manager for The Butterfly Longitudinal Study.

A field-based research project, the Butterfly Team conduct interviews with both male and female participants who have received some form of assistance or care after experiences with sexual exploitation or trafficking. Participants might have spent time in a shelter, foster home or received community assistance training. Over the course of ten years, the same 128 participants are interviewed to understand their feelings about (re)integrating into the community, work and family relationships.

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