International Women's Day

I am in admiration of the women we have working at Chab Dai.

More than 50% of our Cambodian staff are female - these 30 women not only are working to address some of the darkest issues of our time, but they are also juggling  multiple roles and responsibilities.

For many of them, even though they hold respected managerial positions, sometimes while still in their early 30’s, they are not respected by others in their home communities who favour their male peers in terms of social standing and who are expected to serve them regardless of their position.  

For these women, they are living with the tension of these dual roles.

In addition these women are often responsible financially and emotionally for their families - from supporting younger siblings through school to ageing relatives who need medical and other assistance.  

Their pay packets are certainly not their own.

Many of our staff now have their own children and husbands who need care and support and most are working out child care options with limited time and resources.

And not only do they balance these aspects of their lives, but they do it with grace.  

They are remarkable women and this day is theirs.

Helen Sworn, International Director

Amanda DalyComment