2017 Annual Report

We want you to know how amazing you’ve made Chab Dai’s 2017! Here are just a few highlights of what we’ve accomplished together in the last year:

  • We launched our new Legal Support Project and provided consultations for 24 victims and 72 family members.
  • Chab Dai hosted the first Asia Region Anti-Trafficking Conference in November 2017! The conference included 27 keynote speakers and facilitators with over 200 attendees from 19 countries.
  • Our Coalition team provided training for 280 member staff precipitants on mental health, organizational development, child precipitation, human trafficking and human rights.
  • Safe Communities project distributed over 15,000 Help Cards in and around the provinces.
  • Ethnic Community project conducted bilingual training on trafficking, sexual abuse and safe migration with 1899 community members.
  • Our Community Heroes project reached 12,170 people in 267 villages in 5 districts with education on safe migration, trafficking, and child rights.
  • Our Case Support team provided local case support and referrals for 129 trafficking and 51 rape cases and achieved 22 convictions.
  • Community Based Client Care team provided a total of 138 counseling sessions for victims.
  • Our Advocacy team trained 42 police officers, 16 commune council officials, 1 deputy district official, and 3 officials from the ministry of social affairs on child friendly procedures when interviewing victims.
  • Our Global Learning Community (GLC) assisted 30 partners in 15 countries.

This just scratches the surface of what our amazing team is doing! Take a look at our Annual Report to see what your partnership has helped us build. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

Joseph ArnholdComment