Joint Fundraising Trip

Chab Dai believes that collaboration in practice is essential in the fight against human trafficking.


With that mindset, on a recent visit to the West Coast of the US, Chab Dai and Willow International met with donors together! Our two organizations worked collectively, pooling contacts, donors, and meetings with the intention of equally sharing fundraising profits. We were able to better leverage each other’s work and model collaboration, instead of competition, in their meetings with donors.  

Fundraising was not the sole intention of Chab Dai’s time in the US. We were able to pursue several new areas of partnership through meeting with academics from the University of Washington, Seattle Pacific University, Berkley, Vanguard university, and Stanford. These meetings led to discussions around emerging research on microfinance and vulnerabilities, NGO organizational structure, and trafficking in Africa and Asia. We believe a key component of our work is to share the best knowledge available for ourselves and other stakeholders.

It was in Seattle that we spent time with service providers, law enforcement, and legal stakeholders. We gathered to discuss what has worked, what the challenges are in cross-sector collaboration, and how to overcome these challenges. It was great to share stories and experiences from either side of the world and yet, still see so many similarities.

It is always encouraging to be a part of new developments in the anti-trafficking community. Highlights from this trip were many, but the most important take-away is the level of receptivity from others regarding building partnerships across sectors. It no longer makes sense to be driven by siloed competition for funds and resources. Rather, we are engaging others across sectors and expertise. Chab Dai might be only one organization, but through collective action and collaboration we can reach further than we ever could alone.

Sean BlackburnComment