Siobhan Miles Memorial Library & Resource Center


Recently, we dedicated our Chab Dai Library and Resource Centre to Siobhan Miles.

This dedication honors her commitment, perseverance and legacy of the Butterfly research and the voices of survivors who, through this research, are able to have their experiences, hopes, fears and opinions shared not only in Cambodia but around the world, to further the understanding of those working with them and advocating for them and create a better future for others at risk and exploited. Helen and the Butterfly team both wrote a few words regarding Siobhan's life in Cambodia:

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Many times, Siobhan and I would talk together about the ten year longitudinal research and she would say that this was the culmination of her life’s work - and how she also thought she would not see the completion of this but would die before it finished - and I would tell her how ridiculous she was and that that would never happen.
And it did.
Siobhan and I first met more than 16 years ago when her and Glenn, Zoe and Hannah came to stay with us as they explored their re-entry into Cambodia.  I remember not even knowing how to say her name properly back then!  I never anticipated that we would not only become close friends but that we would end up working together for more than 6 years.
Developing and implementing the only ten-year longitudinal research with survivors of sex trafficking globally takes vision, courage, perseverance and more than a little craziness!  It didn’t take much convincing for Siobhan to come on board and head up this over ambitious research with this small NGO Chab Dai!
Siobhan’s humility and grace underpinned the success of getting on board our partners, developing a framework of dignity for our cohort and establishing a research team of enthusiastic yet inexperienced Cambodians.
Thank you Siobhan for your dedication - we thank you for your legacy yet miss you in this world.
-Helen Sworn
This is the first year of Siobhan's memorial and I still not believe that she is not in this world anymore. I often think that Siobhan is living somewhere on earth and is temporary losing contact from me, I hope like this. But reality is reality and I can't ignore that. 
I remember her sweet smile to me on the first day of my interview recruitment. She told her name to me and I was so surprised that it has similar sound as Cambodian name. That's such a blessing to work with Siobhan for these past 6 years. She was an amazing woman. To me she was like a mother who cared a lot about me. I felt my working place is like a home and I do love and commitment with my working.
We are very thankful for Siobhan and your contribution to our Butterfly Research Project. The project is your legacy, without you we may have no today project. We do miss you.
-The Butterfly Team
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