Safe Communities

Safe Communities empowers community leaders across Cambodia to protect children and communities at risk of trafficking, abuse and any form of exploitation.

Safe Community aims to empower government officials and community leaders in both rural and urban border areas in Cambodia to protect children and communities at risk of trafficking, sexual abuse and any form of exploitation. We provide a three-stage training program to local authorities, school teachers, NGO staff and religious leaders working in the border areas of Cambodia, including general awareness raising, prevention of child sexual tourism and human trafficking and follow-up strategies for those who have already been abused or trafficked.

On completion of the training, government officials and community leaders become the main point of contact between their communities and Chab Dai/police/human rights organizations where needed, whilst continuing to train new government officials and community leaders. Trainers then receive a final follow up meeting on raising awareness in communities and to address any further questions, clarify training points or assist with case work. As well as direct training, Safe Community conducts a radio program, both live and recorded broadcasting, on the issues of human trafficking, sexual abuse, safe migration and children’s rights with the aim to reach the most remote areas of Cambodia and raise awareness on these points for better prevention and protection of vulnerable communities.

Community Heroes

Providing resources and empowering community volunteers to lead in the education of their communities about trafficking and safe migration.

Community Heroes Prevention Project aims to empower and build capacity of volunteer community leaders (local authorities, government workers from department of women's affairs, school teachers and church leaders) in rural and remote areas who have a desire to train their own communities about protecting themselves from abuse, trafficking and exploitation. Chab Dai provides training, capacity-building, follow up and mentoring to leaders who express their commitment to become volunteer trainers; “heroes,” in their own communities. Our team supports volunteer trainers in forming safety networks within their communities to report cases of abuse to relevant institutions, NGOs, police officers and local authorities through Chab Dai hotline number cards.

Ethnic Community Prevention

Empowers ethnic minority churches and communities in Cambodia to protect and intervene on behalf of children and those at risk of abuse, trafficking and exploitation.

Our Ethnic Community Prevention project (formerly called the Vietnamese Prevention Project) began in 2008 in response to Chab Dai's research entitled At What Price, Honour? (2006). In 2014, the project expanded its scope to include other vulnerable ethnic communities living in Cambodia, such as Cham Muslims, with the aim of recognizing the the special vulnerabilities of these communities while working with their community leaders to protect their children and others at risk of abuse, sexual exploitation and trafficking living in the community.

Chab Dai's team works directly with communities across Cambodia, and cooperates with ethnic church leaders, commune chiefs, local authorities, school teachers and NGO workers to make this project as holistic and far reaching as possible. Communities with at-risk populations, in both the capital city of Phnom Penh and border provinces with Vietnam and Thailand, receive training on issues related to trafficking and child protection and are empowered with resources and tools on how to report cases to the appropriate authorities. We work in collaboration with local authorities at all levels to raise awareness with the people in the community about the methods and means offenders employ in trafficking vulnerable people and to provide education on safe migration practices.