Is the fight for human rights, the abolishment of slavery, and the end of exploitation something you are passionate about?

Work with Us!

Staff Positions

Working together towards a common vision is at the core of what Chab Dai does. No one can do this kind of work alone - we need to support, strengthen, and encourage each other. Our staff is made up of amazing individuals with the commitment to help those who have been exploited, trafficked, or abused. Join the Chab Dai family, and help us end human trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia!  

Volunteer Positions

They say it takes a village, and in this case, it takes a diverse village of skill sets to effectively combat human trafficking and exploitation! If you are looking for an opportunity to use your skills and talents to empower others and the chance to live in Southeast Asia, please consider submitting a volunteer application.

Hear from a former volunteer:

“I graduated with my masters and all I knew was that I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, something important. I connected with Chab Dai and saw that they were doing something revolutionary - bringing together people from across sectors and around the world to work side by side for a common purpose, and inspiring others to do the same. The opportunity Chab Dai gave me changed the course of my life. I will always be grateful that they allowed me to be a part of the amazing work they do.”
-Amanda Daly, Communications and Operations Intern, 2018

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