Community-based client care

Training and support for Cambodian social workers and counselors working with survivors of abuse & exploitation.

Community-based Client Care (previously called "Jeut Nung Dai") was established in 2009. Our project staff work closely with Chab Dai member organizations to equip counselors and social workers to provide high standards of care to survivors of trafficking, abuse and exploitation with a particular focus on providing care within a community setting. Through technical skills training, counseling and social work skills, conflict resolution and family mediation as well as supervision and mentoring, our team builds and strengthens the capacity of Cambodian counselors, social workers, housemothers, aftercare shelter workers and foster caregivers. Once a year, the Jeut Nung Dai team organizes a Social Work conference. We also offer direct counseling to clients and their families when needed. Thus far, more than 500 social workers and counselors have benefited from this project.