advocacy project

Works with policymakers, local police and members of the community to strengthen understanding and implementation of child rights in Cambodia.

The aim of our advocacy project in Cambodia is to establish greater understanding and implementation of child rights. We do this by working with police officers, policymakers and members of the community to strengthen their understanding and practice of child rights, and therefore protect children from human trafficking and exploitation by ensuring their children's rights are upheld and practiced by those who have the duty to do so.

To achieve its objectives, our advocacy team assesses authorities' skills and understanding surrounding child rights (as laid out by the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child), provides police officers with ongoing training, and works to influence policy and advocate for appropriate agreements with countries across the region. By collaborating with local authorities in this way, our team builds better relationships and trust between the policy and local communities, which has been historically weak and often fails to meet the best-interest of child victims.

At a national and regional policy level, our advocacy team serves and works directly with the Royal Government of Cambodia's National Committee addressing human trafficking, and is dedicated to building collaboration, knowledge and understanding between the NGO and government sectors.